OK, let’s try something new.

I’ve been applying for theater jobs recently, and whenever I do I send them a link to this site.  So I’ve been looking at it more closely.  And it’s freaking me out.  It seems so soulless and bland, and frankly I don’t know why–I seriously doubt anyone’s going to hire me because I present the personality of a convention center.  So, I thought, time to turn this website into a blog, with a real human voice.

I don’t know how often I’ll update, but I will post things like what I’m working on; what I’m interested in lately; my ill-thought-out theories and manifestoes about theater and art and clothes; hopefully a few sewing lessons and the like.  I want to use it for myself as a way to think out loud about inspiration, research, how to improve my work and how to get all the visions in my head out into the world.

Lately I’m incredibly interested in dance and theater, but I know very little about them, really.  I want to learn, and I want to learn by doing.  Hopefully this space will help me do both.


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