30 Days: Days 4, 5, 6

Sketches for Atossa in The Persians

It’s been a frustrating couple of days in terms of 30-days-of-creativity.  I know the point of things like this and Nanowrimo is to turn off the doubting voices in your head and just make art.  The reason, the thinking goes, that we rarely get art done (and especially, finish it, which is always the hardest thing) is that we are always running things through the quality-filter in our heads and finding them wanting.  So write a novel in 30 days, because of course the novel will be bad, but it will be finished, and you can go back and fix the bad parts, or at least learn from them, rather than stalling on it forever.

I pretty much agree with this; but it doesn’t mean that I’m not bummed that what I’ve been working on for the past couple days has been so bad.  (It wouldn’t be such a big deal if I wasn’t throwing it all up on the Internet for everyone to see!)  A lot of the time was spent on research and sketches, which was interesting if a little difficult.  There doesn’t seem to be much out there about the dress of the Ancient Persians, and particularly, almost nothing at all about women’s clothing.  This makes designing the costume for Atossa, the Queen Mother, very difficult, particularly as I would like to avoid any too-egregious Orientalisms.  The Persians is possibly the original Orientalist text, but that doesn’t mean I want to use Europeans’ imagined Sexy Harem Girl stereotypes in her costume.  I’d much rather have a basis in fact to work from and go from there.

Anyway, here are a few more of the doodles/sketches, as well as the preliminary Ghost design (which I’m not satisfied with, and will change, possibly using the idea in the little sketch following) and Queen design (which is wretched and will probably be scrapped entirely.)

Sketches of Persian decorative patterns etc.

Preliminary Design for the Ghost of Darius in The Persians

Doodle of possible revision to Ghost costume

Heinous design for Atossa in The Persians


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