30 Days: Days 7 & 8

Art Deco Doodle

Here is a work which I have entitled, Silly Doodle I Drew in Lieu of the Song I Was Going to Record When It Turned Out My Music Recording Software Doesn’t Work.

This next is another very minor effort, because I fell asleep weirdly right after supper last night and when I was woken up, I felt very out-of-sorts and exhausted.  The other day I discovered, scrolling idly through the endless list of our digital cable guide, that Jem and the Holograms is in reruns on some channel called Hub.  So I started watching it with my sister and 6-year-old niece.

I was a somewhat unusual boy I suppose in that I often preferred girls’ entertainment options to boys’.  I never read the Hardy Boys, much less My Side of the Mountain or Hatchet or any of that kind of boy book, but I loved The Nancy Drew Files and The Babysitter’s Club.  (I had a big crush on Claudia.)  I did love He-Man, but I also loved She-Ra.  If I had the choice, I usually preferred a female hero to a male one; which in fact I still do (when I play Super Smash Bros with my family, I choose Zelda by default.)  So, I liked Jem then and I like Jem now.  Of course it’s very dated (although to my surprise, only barely in terms of fashion) but it’s enjoyably ridiculous, and I can’t help but love that 80s vibe.  It is my culture, man.

Anyway, here is my little doodle, which barely even looks like Jem, but which fulfilled my obligations for the day before I went miserably to bed.  The good news is, I have a ton of free time this weekend and I am going to make some clothes.

Truly, truly, truly outrageous



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3 responses to “30 Days: Days 7 & 8

  1. I do wonder why I drew Jem herself instead of Stormer the Misfit, who has the best look of anyone on the show, hands down.

  2. I like that you don’t take yourself too seriously…what a good way to be. Love the doodles!

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