30 Days: Day 13

Well, a couple days ago I was in the worst mood, and very down on the whole 30 Days thing; it seemed like I was getting nothing out of it except embarassing myself on the Internet with a bunch of bad pictures.  But then I went fabric shopping, and started reading William Gibson‘s latest novel, and the two things combined to pour some enthusiasm back into me.  Five minutes in any fabric shop (even Joann’s, where natural fibers are apparently forbidden) gives me five thousand ideas of things to make.

Gibson’s always had a very interesting eye for clothes, but in his latest, non-science-fiction books, he’s really been focussing on them more, which I’m loving.  When I’m reading him I find myself lurking on superfuture‘s message boards, contemplating the mysterious differences in how details work in mens and womenswear, wishing I had a lot of money to spend and mysterious underground semi-black-market boutiques to spend it in.  I think my own detail-eye is more a womenswear eye, but that makes it all the more fascinating to hear how these dudes’ minds work.  I remember when I first stumbled on superfuture (I think I was looking for the address of Nowhere, before my first trip to Tokyo) and discovered the world of denim nerds and their selvedge jeans.  Fascinating.  And all this kind of thing, which is not quite fashion, but certainly not dressmaking either, helps to open my mind a little, I think, and get out of the ruts of thinking which I am very prone to.  (It also makes me miss Japan very much!)

What I worked on this weekend is not finished, and I’m not ready to talk about yet.  So here’s Monday’s creative work, another costume design for Persians.  This one, I like.  I’ll never quite get reconciled to the fact that (for me at least) design tends to come all at once, a complete piece, and out of nowhere, or else never really comes at all.  If I struggle along at it, garbage like that Atossa design comes out.  But with this one it all came, the colors and the shapes and everything, and all I really had to do consciously was fill in the little details.

The messenger, bearing very very bad news, in The Persians by Aeschylus.


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