Nue: Villager

The villager who points the monk to the river and the strange boatman there.

Here is another puppet for my toy theater ‘production’ of Nue.  This is the villager who turns the travelling monk away, but suggests that a strange boatman may be able to ferry him to a nearby temple to stay the night in.  Having scanned it I will cut it out and attach a chopstick to make the simplest possible puppet.

I based this guy quite a bit on a different boatman, the grumpy one in Kawamoto Kihachiro’s Dōjōji, available on YouTube at criminally poor resolution.  Hopefully someday it will be uploaded in better quality.  Kawamoto’s work is a big inspiration for me.  Obviously this little puppet show will not be anything like as subtle and beautiful as his films, but they’re definitely something I’m keeping in mind as I work.


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