Things happen somehow

Yesterday, I had finally typed out my script for this toy theater project I’ve been working on, that I’ve posted about, and suddenly I felt very down and worried about it.  The pieces seemed to be more or less in place, but I didn’t know how I was going to put it all together and actually perform/record it.  I don’t really know anything about puppeteering, or making videos, or if I needed to get rights to music for just this little experiment; I didn’t know how I was going to do it all by myself or who I should ask for help.  I even had a classic anxiety dream, where my sister was forcing me to perform Kabuki in front of an audience, and as she was putting on my wig and makeup I was thinking oh god I don’t know how to do any of this Kabuki stuff!  This is going to be a disaster!


Today, my best friend, who has experience working with puppets, is always down to help me with everything, and who knows a lot of people, suddenly showed up after living out in the woods in Colorado for a few weeks.  We took a walk and he introduced me to a friend of his who lives near me, who is a musician and who has an interest in Noh, who perhaps can help with the music issue.  And another friend of mine, who I was reluctant to talk about this project with because she makes real, very elaborate puppets while I am just making pictures on sticks, told me she’s teaching a class in toy theater next semester and wanted to see my project and talk about it.  Amazing!  I really do think sometimes that there is a god or something out there who likes theater and wants the show to go on, and arranges things to somehow make problems work out, one way or another.

Unrelatedly, but seeing as how I am making one of my too-rare appearances on my blog, everyone should go read Kat’s post on female celebrities eating in magazine articles.  It’s amazing.


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