My Tatsuya Suou hoodie! The pockets look terrible in this picture!

Only once so far have I made anything in the cosplay category: my Persona 2 Tatsuya hoodie.  Appropriately enough, it’s from a rather obscure and geeky video game, although perhaps less so now than when I made it 6 years ago, because of its more successful sequels.  I thought this hoodie was, while eye-catching, pretty easy to wear in an everyday situation, unlike most cosplay creations, which is partly why I chose it.

The nice thing, from a dressmaker point of view, about cosplay, is that fans really pay attention to the details.  Often when I’m making something, I will spend a long time over a detail which I’m fairly sure nobody but me will ever notice.  But cosplay wearers and makers really do care about these things.

Tatsuya in his hoodie, designed by Kaneko Kazuma.

If you look at the original of this hoodie, shown here, you can possibly see where I took a liberty with the design. See it?  It’s the sleeve…on the original design there is a seam at the top of the sleeve.  It serves no purpose, just makes a style line there.  You can barely see it in the pictures, and it would be hardly visible even in the real hoodie.  Let me tell you, I agonized over it.  In the end I decided it wasn’t worth it to do; but I’m not sure I made the right choice even now.

I’m definitely interested in doing more cosplay work in the future.  It’s a real challenge to a dressmaker and I can really sink my teeth into it.  It would take a lot of time so it might get expensive, but if you’ve got the money and the desire, please let me know!



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2 responses to “Cosplay

  1. Kurasame

    Hey man, See your Tatsuya Suou Hoodie? Have you ever thought about Selling one because I’d be extremely interested in buying one. It’s so rare to see stuff like this and I would be delighted if I could have one!

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