A letter a day keeps Alzheimer’s at bay

Today I happened to hear about lettermo.com, which is a NaNoWriMo-style challenge: to write and send a letter a day for the month of February.  Now, as everyone who knows me is well aware, and as I have blogged about before, I actually took on a similar challenge back in college, but for a whole year.  The challenge then was a haiku a day, but of course just a bare haiku in an envelope rarely satisfied either the sender or the recipient, so my friend Tim and I ended up sending each other all kinds of things, sometimes incredibly elaborate pieces of mail art.  So I know what it’s like: I know both the pleasure and the frustrations of having to set aside a space of time to sit down and write/make something, every single day.

My last attempt at something like this didn’t turn out so well–in fact, I’ve tried various challenges and it’s never really come together since that one year.  The fact that I was getting mail every day as well as sending it was an important positive feedback loop; and the fact that Tim and I have always had a bit of a competitive streak that made me want to one-up his amazing letters helped to make things awesomer than they might have been.  So: I am asking you for an address to send mail; I would also like to remind you that one of the rules of this challenge is that I must reply to everything I recieve.  In other words, you don’t have to do anything, you certainly don’t have to take the challenge yourself; if you tell me your address I will probably send you something.  BUT the likelihood of my achieving the goal, and the quality of the things I send, will be much increased if you send me something yourself.  Just send me an e-mail or leave a comment with yours, and we can exchange addresses.  (I don’t quite trust the Internet enough to put my address out here for everyone to see.)

Looking forward to corresponding with you!  Let’s do it!



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2 responses to “A letter a day keeps Alzheimer’s at bay

  1. And if my rambling comment didn’t scare you, here’s my email: lapoussine35 (at) gmail (dot) com

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