About Me

My father was a theater director and an expert on Balinese performing arts, so I grew up with Samuel Beckett, Balinese gamelan, and wayang kulit.  A teenage crush on Kate Moss led me to start buying Vogue; soon I started to become interested in the clothes.  I studied fine art at Bard College with professors like Amy Sillman; my final project was a suite of paintings of sort of Cubist dresses.  After graduating I went to New York where I learned to sew, then moved to Tokyo, where I lived from 2005 to 2008.  Upon my return to the United States I started working at the Wesleyan University costume shop on a contract basis while continuing to make clothes for friends, family, and private clients.

I’m hoping in the future to do more design for the theater and to take more of a leadership role while continuing to sew as much as possible, refining my skills and learning new ones.  As long as I’m sewing, I’m happy!